The best treatment for varicose veins is Venorex Cream

Why Venorex Cream is the best solution for varicose veins problem ? Read more about this, in this article. What are the varicose veins and much more. is important to treat varicose veins, to prevent their spread and multiply. Treatments against varicose veins are both curative and preventive. Treatment with cream for varicose veins are a good alternative to surgery for varicose veins. Less painful and undemanding, they offer excellent results.

A varicose vein is a permanent dilation of superficial vein impeding the return of blood to the heart muscle. Varicose veins are veins that are dilated and are bluish in color. Varicose veins occur most often in the legs, but also on the thighs. A hereditary factor is found in over 50% of cases. Varicose veins are most frequent from 40 years mainly because of the decrease in muscle tone. Varicose veins are more common in women. More than 3 in 4 people with varicose veins are women.

Pregnancy increases the venous dilatation and pressure of the leg veins. Hormones and the baby's weight decreases the tone of venous walls. Varicose veins that appear during pregnancy disappear spontaneously in the few months after the baby arrives. Prolonged standing accompanied by permanent stamping such as that found in the waitresses. The bust sitting leaning forward. Sitting position for long periods.

Taking the Venorex Cream is not a risk. Only pills frequently lift heavy objects is a risk factor. The lack of physical activity decreases muscle essential to the venous system. Exposure to the sun, very hot baths, heated floors, steam room and sauna are contributing factors varicose veins.


- Particularly visible superficial vein, often blue, and increased volume. Varicose veins can appear as a bluish color venous cord, mainly visible when standing.

- Heaviness in the legs, sometimes all the legs, occurring primarily in late afternoon; Pain caused by varicose veins can be accompanied by red tape and burns to the legs.

- Numb legs when sitting or standing is kept; Cramps often occur at night. Tingling in the legs can be very unpleasant. This itching can cause skin lesions compared varicose veins or the entire leg.

The treatment of varicose veins vary the intensity of the demonstrations and the degree of venous insufficiency. They include above all essential preventive measures and the frequent use of compression means. Only Venorex can recommend the best treatment to you adapted. Hygiene measures, essential, must be observed. They are an integral part of treatment.

The compression means are a key measure of treatment of varicose veins. They are also preventive means to prevent varicose veins. Different restraints are used stockings, tights, socks or belts. Restraints put pressure on leg veins at surface, prevent the accumulation of blood in the veins and thus facilitate venous return. Compression reduces the intensity of pain. The compression prevents the occurrence of complications such as the appearance of varicose ulcers. Consult your doctor: it will examine you, will judge the usefulness of this treatment will issue you an order of eligibility for a refund, and you lavish essential tips for their use.

The Venorex used to strengthen the vein walls and thus help to relieve some symptoms. They avoid partially dilated veins. They relieve the disease and reduce feelings of heaviness and fatigue. They can also help reduce leg edema. This can be a ruptured very important an outer attacked by an external shock, which causes bleeding must be stopped by compressing the wound. An internal varicose may also be the site of a break during repetitive strain and caused a hemorrhage which will cause pain and hematoma. The varicose ulcer often appears months or years after the start of the first appearance of varicose veins. It is most commonly in the ankles. Trauma, even if it is small, such as a shock or intense scratching of the skin that can cause injury.

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